New AAC Project

I am meeting colleagues from the Universities of Dundee, Newcastle and Sheffield and industrial partners from Toshiba Research Europe and Toby Churchill to discuss some exiting new possibilities for collaborative research stimulated by the CreST Network. We are meeting at the marvelous  Culture Lab

Technical notes for the interested

Progress! Instant blogging + auto tweeting of latest post. You will need

  • WordPress
  • WordPress plugin – ‘Twitter Tools’
  • Quite a bit of fiddling around ensuring necessary WordPress server features are enabled
  • Optional: Windows ‘Live Writer’
  • More fiddling.
  • Result – Create your blog in ‘Live Writer” easy-peasy WYSIWYG – press publish – it is uploaded to your blog and a tweet is generated pointing to the new post.
  • Pretty useful! Took me about 3 hours mainly because did not know what I was doing.

Lee Ridley

I have been working with Lee Ridley on a comedy sketch. I hope to be working with him again on an opera this time. If you ever get the chance to see his act you should jump at it.

Find out more about Lee (Lost Voice Guy) here