Artificial Voices

Recent activities

My research is now firmly linked with my private life – so to find out more start from here

While being ill I have produced a number of very personal works using artificial voices here

Older stuff below

Before being ill I wrote a joint paper with Paul Barker and my son George Newell entitled:
Can a computer-generated voice be sincere? A case study combining music and synthetic speech

Link to the ‘Voice by Choice’ film I produced with Lee Ridley directed by Patrick Titley

I have been very involved in running the Creative Speech Technology (CreST) Network with my colleague Alistair Edwards from the University of York.

Information about CreST is archived here

2013 I am working with the Toshiba Speech Technology Group on one of their TTS (Text to Speech) projects.

2013 I can co-guest-editor of a special issue on the CreST Network for Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology

2012 The Creative Speech Technology Network. Article in Communication Matters Journal


2011 “Liveness’ in human-machine interaction.’ International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media. 7(2): December 2011

2009 ‘Place, Authenticity Time: a framework for synthetic voice acting.’ International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media. January 2009.

2005 Edwards, A and Newell C Achieving a lively voice, International Journal for Language Data Processing 28.2/2004, Pages 133-151, ISSN: 0343-5202.

2005 Newell,C and Edwards A. Unnatural but lively voice synthesis for empathic, synthetic performers, Pages 137-143 AISB 2005 Social Intelligence and Interaction in Animals, Robots and Agents, Joint symposium on Virtual Social Agents, The University of Hertfordshire, ISSN:1 902956492.

2004 Newell, C and Edwards, A. To be or to seem to be: that is the question. Unnatural but lively, speech synthesis for synthetic performers: models from acting, Pages 124-131 AISB 2004: Symposium on Language, Speech and Gesture for Synthetic Characters AISB (Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour: The University of Leeds, ISSN:1 902956390.

Conference presentations and performances

2012 ‘Creative Speech Technology.’ Presentation at Communication Matters Conference 2012, 24/09/2012, University of Leicester.

2012 Panel at PSi18 ” Exploring Interdisciplinary & Collaborative Practices in the
Context of Contemporary Economic and Cultural Drivers.” University of Leeds. 30/06/2012

2012 Paper “Melos, Tingles and Vocal Prosthetics: Teasing Interactions Between Opera and Technology. ” at The Theory, Practice, and Business of Opera Today. University of Leeds. 13/04/2012

2011 My Voice and Me: A melodrama for synthetic voice. Creative Speech technology Network. University of York

‘2010 ‘Whose Voice is it Anyway?’ demonstration and performance. (re)Performing the Posthuman a conference on performance arts and posthumanism. Centre for Research in Opera and Music Theatre University of Sussex, Brighton, 21-22 May 2010

2009 A telephonic Installation. Sonic Interaction Symposium. York University UK. 2nd April 2009

2009 P.A.T. (a telephonic computer voice actor). ‘Theatre Noise’ Central School of Speech and Drama. London 22nd April – 24 April 2009

2009 Frank’ an artifact for public engagement in speech technology. Interspeech 2009. 7th – 10th September 2009

2008 ‘P.A.T. Testing’ (Newell, C.; S. Andrews and I. Gibson) a one hour performance piece shown at the University of Hull Scarborough Campus.

2008 ‘Please wait with me’ (Newell, C. and S. Andrews). A telephone based installation shown at Sight Sonic in York.

2007 ‘Call Centre’ (Newell, C.; S. Andrews; A. Edwards et al.). A telephone based installation shown at the Digital Music Research Network in Leeds.