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For a summary slide show of my thoughts on melodrama and artificial voices hosted on my home server (to be added)

References to ‘My Voice and Me’ a melodrama for radio by Paul Barker, Chris Newell and George Newell .

Oliver Curry was a famous operatic tenor some 30 years ago. Through a series of unfortunate incidents he developed acute aphasia and lost the use of his voice. He still communicates through a 1983 Dec Talk DTC 01 Speech Synthesiser. He has written a book about his experiences called My Voice and Me, which particularly refers to his experience in the role of Canio in Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci. He is currently on a world-wide tour promoting his book. He speaks as best he can from a piano, aided by his wife, Maria.

Listen to the recording below

Link to the recording on SoundCloud

Download the score – Oliver Master

Download the libretto – Oliver Curry Libretto

Listen to the spoken text without the music (for interest)